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  • How Big is That File?

    Tip #1 Did you know that a 5 MB photo = Shakespeare’s complete works The next time you want to send off an email and attach a photo just think of the size you are sending. So if the file says it is 5MB then that is the equivalent of Shakespeare’s complete works you have just sent through cyberspace. Maybe we should checking the size of our files before we hit send on our emails. Tip #2 - For Example Decide what you want to send in attachments and is it really necessary. "Binary Powers of Ten. Relating storage capacity to the real world The growth in peer-to-peer networks and the digitalisation of culture – storing images, sounds and videos on digital media – drives the need to find new ways to describe unimaginably large storage numbers." – Journalist Nathan Cochrane Source Berkley university study. Tip #3 - Trip to New Zealand I remember being sent to New Zealand to consult for a large firm. Being in the IT department I notied a large amount of emails being sent to and from the staff who were not far from each other in the same builidng. After some questioning I realised that the staff did not know that they all had access to the G:/ General drive where all the data was stored and they could just send the link instead. At the time this freed up the server tremendously. We can't assume our staff know all these things hence some good training is always a worthwhile investment. Tip #4 - Want To Know More If working on a PC go to Windows Explorer (often also known as File Explorer) and check on the size of the file before attaching it to email. Lastly, knowing just a little bit about file size can go a long way in helping your emails get delivered. You can learn more about file size by contacting me and requesting to get my newsletter.

  • Computer Tips and Tricks

    Never stop learning. Keep these neat technology tips and tricks handy. Tip Try Alt + Tab How to move through all the opened programs but think you have to minimise all of them to find the one you want. Try using Alt + Tab. Keep your left thumb down on the Alt Key and then use your left index finger (pointer finger) on the Alt Key keeping the Alt down, then by tapping the Tab key through the the opened programs. Where you let go is where you end up. A lifesaver of time. How To Change Date From US To Australian Windows 10 > Type Settings at the bottom left hand side of your screen > Time & Language > Region > change Region, and Regional format. To Australia, and English (Australia). Did You Know That NRMA Have an App for Roadside Assist? It is now easier for Members to call for roadside assistance with the release of the NRMA’s new look smartphone app. When you download the NRMA Roadside Assistance Smartphone App, you will be able to request roadside assistance more quickly and you will even be able to trace the Patrol’s progress once they are on their way. Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, your smartphone’s GPS will help our Patrol find you and give you an estimated time of arrival. Better still; the app is not just for road service. With your Membership card details stored in the app, you have instant access to savings and benefits from our More4Members partners. Repco, Snooze and OPSM are just a few of the NRMA’s special partners to offer Members great deals. The app is free to download on your smartphone. Head to the App Store to download the iPhone app (The app requires iOS 7 or later) or go the Google Play store to download the Android app. What Is Zoombombing? “Zoombombing” is when an uninvited person joins a Zoom meeting. This is usually done in an attempt to gain a few cheap laughs at the expense of the participants. Zoombombers often hurl racial slurs or profanity, or share pornography and other offensive imagery. This issue isn’t necessarily a security flaw. The problem is how people handle public Zoom meeting links. These links are shared thousands of times between clients, friends, colleagues, classmates, and so on. Careless handling of them can result in a Zoom meeting being open to public access. Then, anyone who finds the link can join an in-progress meeting. Public Zoom meeting links have even reportedly shown up in the results when people search for “” on Google. Anyone who finds such a link can join that meeting. How To Delete Incorrect Email Addresses In Outlook in the To Field when AutoComplete is Activated Have you ever found that when you use Outlook and you begin an email and type in the To Field the Autocomplete function tries to guess the address, however sometimes these addresses are old and do not exist in your address book. This can be quite frustrating so let’s get rid of the unnecessary address. When the Auto Complete list shows up when you are trying to compose a new Email, use the up or down button on your keyboard to choose (highlight) which Email address you want to delete from the Auto Complete list in this case it is To remove the Email address that you want to delete just hit the Delete Key on the keyboard and it will delete the highlighted Email address. To check that it has been deleted from the Auto Complete list, test it out. Happy emailing. #TheRovingTrainer #ComputerCoach #ITtraining #BarbaraSmith #computertipstricks

  • Working with Barbara Smith, The Roving Trainer

    Barbara Smith can improve your life and business with digital proficiency Technological advances can feel intimidating, and the world is moving at increasing speeds with constant changes. Barbara Smith is the Roving Trainer who takes the frustration and fear out of Information Technology and presents the digital world as one that is friendly and accessible. From basic computer skills to the latest requirements in Emails or Digital Communications such as Zoom, The Roving Trainer can provide you or your staff with training at your company or at our centre. Without proper technological skills, a simple task can take up to six times longer to complete. We help clients to understand and manage the relevant IT knowledge and allow your staff to keep their digital skills fresh and agile - Barbara Smith Barbara Smith, your friendly technology coach Barbara Smith is the owner of The Roving Trainer. She is experienced in working with individuals, businesses and seniors. From those looking to set up a new business to those seeking to upskill or reskill, Barbara has been helping people navigate the world of technology with confidence. Before you embark on any training with Barbara, she will assess your computer skills so she can tailor and personalise the training to your needs. Having lived and worked in three countries, Barbara has amassed a variety of skills across different industries. Barbara has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessing. She also studied Human Behaviour Change in Vancouver, Canada. Barbara was the director of her own training company where she coached over 1500 people in better organisational and productivity skills. She has been a consultant to corporate companies as well as a legal conveyancer. She has written for the Sydney Morning Herald and given talks on radio and TV. Outgoing, creative and enthusiastic, Barbara is naturally skilled at getting people to be excited about what technology can do. Many have found they exceeded their own expectations after being trained by Barbara. Being supportive and encouraging helps clients to lose their hesitation with technology. Barbara's extensive experience in IT and the corporate environment allows her to understand what individuals and businesses need. A dedicated volunteer, Barbara was a mentor in the Hastings Business Women´s Network Mentoring Program and she set up the Coffee Computer Club in Redfern giving pro bono computer training for people in disadvantaged situations. She has also done volunteer work in the Olympic Games from Athens to Beijing over the years. The Roving Trainer makes technology accessible At The Roving Trainer, our passion is technology and all things digital. We keep things clear and simple, so you can be effective and efficient at what you do. Our training courses use real-life scenarios from the latest developments and trends in technology. If you believe technology is not your cup of tea, sit down with Barbara and experience how your digital proficiency and confidence can grow at The Roving Trainer. #TheRovingTrainer #ComputerCoach #ITtraining #BarbaraSmith

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  • Contact | The Roving Trainer for personalised computer training in Australia

    Contact If you don't see a course listed on our website, simply contact us. Our computer training is personalised to your needs, so simply fill in the form below and I will contact you. Let's Chat Phone 0410 420 799 Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Company Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • About | Barbara Smith, The Roving Trainer | Computer Training in Port Macquarie

    Meet Barbara Smith, the Roving Trainer I'm Barbara Smith and have taught over 3,000 individuals to use their computers effectively and efficiently. ​ My training is often light and interesting as I interact the training through real-life scenarios with lots of technology tips and tricks. ​ Before you embark on any training with me, I will assess your computer skills so I can tailor and personalise the training to your needs. ​ I am always ahead with technology learning as this cyber world moves quickly. ​ Let me help you get better with computers! Contact Barb Personalised Technology Training At The Roving Trainer, our passion is technology and all things digital. We keep things clear and simple, so you can be effective and efficient at what you do. Our training courses use real-life scenarios from the latest developments and trends in technology. If you believe technology is not your cup of tea, sit down with Barbara and experience how your digital proficiency and confidence can grow at The Roving Trainer. IT training for company employees Effective businesses gain better profits. If your staff and business leaders are adept in certain IT skills, they can be more productive and respond to customers quickly. You can also have a more accurate view of your business. Courses Upskill Technology for Professionals Do you have the essential IT skills to perform better at work or gain the next big role? Maybe you want to be better at Excel so you can do budget forecasting or you need to fix your email system or set up digital conferencing. Get Started Computer & Mobile Device training for seniors Technology can enhance your life like learning to do a video call with your loved ones or paying online for goods and services or learning about cyber security. Learn to use your computer, phone or tablet more efficiently and effectively. Contact Us

  • Home | The Roving Trainer provides Computer and Mobile Device Training in Australia

    Personalised Computer Training Barbara Smith, the Roving Trainer puts an end to your computer frustration Without proper technological skills, a simple task can take up to six times longer to complete. We help clients understand and manage relevant IT knowledge and allow them to keep their digital skills fresh and agile. Our Services Personalised Business IT Training Our business computer training is designed to suit each individual in your organisation, regardless of skill level. We want them to be more efficient and productive at work leveraging technology. Courses Professional Computer Skills We've helped many working professionals develop their IT skills for career advancement. Gaining technology know-how increases confidence at work and allows for more collaboration with team members. Courses Seniors Computer Training Computer and Mobile Device Training specifically designed for seniors. Knowing how to use computers can enhance your life. From online shopping to registering for services and doing Zoom calls. Book Training The Roving Trainer Hello! I'm Barbara Smith, your friendly computer coach at The Roving Trainer The Roving Trainer offers Personalised Computer Classes and Technology Training for students from beginners to advanced users. Our aim is to improve your technology skills so you are more productive at work, able to find a better job or just improve your lifestyle as a whole without getting frustrated with your computer and mobile devices. And Yes, you get a reference manual with the training :) About Me Jenelle Bate Ana Mandara, Luxury Bed & Breakfast Congratulations Barb on being nominated for the Business Awards. You so deserve to win this. You are the best Computer Tutor ever. You have helped me out countless times and truly don't know what I would have done without you. Sally Halcrow, Office Manager at Luken & May I found Barbra to be extremely approachable with any question I needed to ask during the course. She had ample amount of knowledge and is very thorough. I found the manual easy to understand. A tool that will help me grow my skills from now on. I enjoyed my lessons and look forward to more. Col Imer, Sensible Sales Solutions Barbara unravelled the mystery of all Microsoft programs, smart phones and all matters involving transfer of electronic data. Her relaxed teaching style gave me confidence. Now I can download music, use excel spreadsheet, word, download photos, attend to printer malfunctions and more!

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