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  • Newsletter 2024 Computer Trainer

    Well 2024 is here and I am so looking forwarding to serving you with your technology needs. I hope you have had a great Christmas break. I have had a lovely Christmas time with my husband Laurie and we covered over 2,000 kilometres travelling south to the Snowy Mountains and then to the Bega Valley to see family and friends. Some Background of The Roving Trainer Of course over the decades I have been in business you have become more than clients but friends. We have grown our knowledge together through all the trials and frustrations that dealing with technology can bring. Some of you have been with me since the beginning of The Roving Trainer and I have seen not only your confidence grow but seen the photos of children and now grandchildren. What a privildge to be trusted as I get to know you and I so love being a computer trainer and coach. As you some of you know I am always up for a coffee or a herbal tea. In the photo below I am with long time client Carl and we are enjoying a good chit chat. For Business Professionals - Computer Trainer Advice Last year also saw a bigger increase with my professional business people who do not want to get left behind. So much is expected of us in the office environment to know about technology. But have you ever felt that you may have done some computer work but it was over a year ago and you have forgotten how you did it. I empathise with you. I am working all the time with computers however your role may involve you getting very good with your particular work only to let some other knowledge get rusty. Please consider contacting me on those occasions. We can use TeamViewer which is a confidential screen sharing program and I can guide you through that quick issue or train you from afar. Quote Hi Barbara. The training session I had with you on Wednesday was great. I learnt so much about my computer and lots of handy short cut tips. You are so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is struggling to keep up in this world of information overload. Regards Helen Wishing you a wonderful 2024 and if I can be of service to you please do get in touch. Remember the saying "there is no such thing as a silly question". Warm regards Barb xx The Privacy Policy for The Roving Trainer website,

  • Did You Know That NRMA Have an App for Roadside Assist?

    For NSW Drivers It is now easier for Members to call for roadside assistance with the release of the NRMA’s new look smartphone app. When you download the NRMA Roadside Assistance Smartphone App, you will be able to request roadside assistance more quickly and you will even be able to trace the Patrol’s progress once they are on their way. Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, your smartphone’s GPS will help the Patrol find you and give you an estimated time of arrival. Better still; the app is not just for road service. With your Membership card details stored in the app, you have instant access to savings and benefits from the More4Members partners. Repco, Snooze and OPSM are just a few of the NRMA’s special partners to offer Members great deals. The app is free to download on your smartphone. Head to the App Store to download the iPhone app or go the Google Play store to down the Android app. I would love to know if you have utilised this feature and how you got on. Please contact me and tell me about it. Happy Driving.

  • How Big is That File?

    Managing storage can sometimes be challenging. Large files can slow down your work and computer. You will soon find that you run out of storage quickly! Tip #1 Did you know that a 5 MB photo = Shakespeare’s complete works The next time you want to send off an email and attach a photo just think of the size you are sending. So if the file says it is 5MB then that is the equivalent of Shakespeare’s complete works you have just sent through cyberspace. Maybe we should checking the size of our files before we hit send on our emails. Tip #2 - For Example Decide what you want to send in attachments and is it really necessary. "Binary Powers of Ten. Relating storage capacity to the real world The growth in peer-to-peer networks and the digitalisation of culture – storing images, sounds and videos on digital media – drives the need to find new ways to describe unimaginably large storage numbers." – Journalist Nathan Cochrane Source Berkley university study. Tip #3 - Trip to New Zealand I remember being sent to New Zealand to consult for a large firm. Being in the IT department I notied a large amount of emails being sent to and from the staff who were not far from each other in the same builidng. After some questioning I realised that the staff did not know that they all had access to the G:/ General drive where all the data was stored and they could just send the link instead. At the time this freed up the server tremendously. We can't assume our staff know all these things hence some good training is always a worthwhile investment. Tip #4 - Want To Know More If working on a PC go to Windows Explorer (often also known as File Explorer) and check on the size of the file before attaching it to email. Lastly, knowing just a little bit about file size can go a long way in helping your emails get delivered. You can learn more about file size by contacting me and requesting to get my newsletter.

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  • Microsoft Word Training | The Roving Trainer | Barbara Smith

    Microsoft Word Training Learn to produce and share professional documents with Microsoft Word. Confidently layout publications, tables, pictures, and other graphics or create indexes and mail merges. Take advantage of advanced features like forms and fields, track changes and protect documents. Book this Course 1 Word Level 1 Exploring WORD Editing Documents Creating New Documents Formatting Documents Word Tables Proofing Documents Creating AutoText Entries Printing a Document Final Workshop 2 Word Level 2 Review Creating Lists Creating Complex Layouts Tabs & Tables Adding Borders and Shading Headers & Footers Mid-Way Review Deleting a Style Adding Borders and Shading Headers & Footers Mid-Way Review Deleting a Style 3 Word Level 3 Overview More With Tables and Linking Table of Contents Templates and Wizards Recording Macros Final Review 4 Word Advanced Levels Word Level 4 Word Level 5

  • Microsoft Excel Training | The Roving Trainer | Barbara Smith

    Microsoft Excel Training Our personalised Excel training is designed to teach you how to master spreadsheets with confidence. You will learn how to use a variety of Excel tools, such as formulas and functions, create charts, sort and filter data, create reports, and more. You can also extend your Excel skills to an advanced level with pivot tables, data linking and consolidation, lookup functions and macros. Book this Course 1 Excel Level 1 Covering Exploring the Workbook Entering Data in Workbooks Manipulating Data Formatting Databases Printing 2 Excel Level 2 Absolute Cell References Formulas and Functions Cell Referencing Naming Cells More on Copying Data Charts Extra - Printing Charts 3 Excel Level 3 Advanced Charts 3-D Formulas and Linking Testing for Data & Errors Lookup Functions Arrays Options, Tips & Toolbars Outlining a Worksheet Final Workshops Extra – Financial Functions 4 Excel Level 4 Revision Exercise Custom Number Formats Styles Templates Outlining a Worksheet Consolidating Data What-If Analysis Review Exercise Extra– Custom Format Codes 4 Excel Advanced Levels Enquire about Excel Level 5

  • Microsoft Powerpoint Training | The Roving Trainer | Barbara Smith

    Microsoft PowerPoint Training Learn to build beautiful, engaging presentations. With our personalised PowerPoint Training, you will learn the skills you need to get the most out of the world's leading business presentation application and create engaging slideshows and presentations. Our beginner to advanced-level courses takes you through the basics of PowerPoint, such as navigation, shortcuts, slide layouts, and smart art, to more advanced topics, such as animations, transitions, action buttons, themes, slide masters, templates, and more. Book this Course 1 PowerPoint Level 1 Exploring PowerPoint Creating a Presentation Formatting a Presentation Design Template and ClipArt WordArt Showing Presentations Animations 2 PowerPoint Level 2 Review Exercise Drawing Shapes Manipulating Drawing Objects Tables Charts Organisation Charts Working with ClipArt and Multimedia Working with Outlining Review Exercise 3 PowerPoint Advanced Levels Enquire about our PowerPoint Level 3

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