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How Big is That File?

Managing storage can sometimes be challenging. Large files can slow down your work and computer. You will soon find that you run out of storage quickly!

Tip #1 Did you know that a 5 MB photo = Shakespeare’s complete works

The next time you want to send off an email and attach a photo just think of the size you are sending.

So if the file says it is 5MB then that is the equivalent of Shakespeare’s complete works you have just sent through cyberspace.

Maybe we should checking the size of our files before we hit send on our emails.

Tip #2 - For Example

Decide what you want to send in attachments and is it really necessary.

"Binary Powers of Ten. Relating storage capacity to the real world The growth in peer-to-peer networks and the digitalisation of culture – storing images, sounds and videos on digital media – drives the need to find new ways to describe unimaginably large storage numbers." – Journalist Nathan Cochrane Source Berkley university study.

Tip #3 - Trip to New Zealand

I remember being sent to New Zealand to consult for a large firm. Being in the IT department I notied a large amount of emails being sent to and from the staff who were not far from each other in the same builidng. After some questioning I realised that the staff did not know that they all had access to the G:/ General drive where all the data was stored and they could just send the link instead.

At the time this freed up the server tremendously. We can't assume our staff know all these things hence some good training is always a worthwhile investment.

Tip #4 - Want To Know More

If working on a PC go to Windows Explorer (often also known as File Explorer) and check on the size of the file before attaching it to email.

Lastly, knowing just a little bit about file size can go a long way in helping your emails get delivered. You can learn more about file size by contacting me and requesting to get my newsletter.


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