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Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Learn to build beautiful, engaging presentations. With our personalised PowerPoint Training, you will learn the skills you need to get the most out of the world's leading business presentation application and create engaging slideshows and presentations. Our beginner to advanced-level courses takes you through the basics of PowerPoint, such as navigation, shortcuts, slide layouts, and smart art, to more advanced topics, such as animations, transitions, action buttons, themes, slide masters, templates, and more.

PowerPoint Level 1

  • Exploring PowerPoint

  • Creating a Presentation

  • Formatting a Presentation

  • Design Template and ClipArt

  • WordArt

  • Showing Presentations

  • Animations


PowerPoint Level 2

  • Review Exercise

  • Drawing Shapes

  • Manipulating Drawing Objects

  • Tables

  • Charts

  • Organisation Charts

  • Working with ClipArt and Multimedia

  • Working with Outlining

  • Review Exercise


PowerPoint Advanced Levels

  • Enquire about our PowerPoint Level 3

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