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Meet Barbara Smith, the Roving Trainer

I'm Barbara Smith and have taught over 3,000 individuals to use their computers effectively and efficiently.

My training is often light and interesting as I interact the training through real-life scenarios with lots of technology tips and tricks.

Before you embark on any training with me, I will assess your computer skills so I can tailor and personalise the training to your needs.

I am always ahead with technology learning as this cyber world moves quickly.

Let me help you get better with computers!

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Personalised Technology Training

At The Roving Trainer, our passion is technology and all things digital. We keep things clear and simple, so you can be effective and efficient at what you do. Our training courses use real-life scenarios from the latest developments and trends in technology. If you believe technology is not your cup of tea, sit down with Barbara and experience how your digital proficiency and confidence can grow at The Roving Trainer.

The Roving Trainer provides IT training for company employees

IT training for company employees

Effective businesses gain better profits. If your staff and business leaders are adept in certain IT skills, they can be more productive and respond to customers quickly. You can also have a more accurate view of your business.

The Roving Trainer provides Computer & Mobile Device training for working professionals

Upskill Technology for Professionals 

Do you have the essential IT skills to perform better at work or gain the next big role? Maybe you want to be better at Excel so you can do budget forecasting or you need to fix your email system or set up digital conferencing.

The Roving Trainer provides Computer & Mobile Device training for seniors

Computer & Mobile Device training for seniors

Technology can enhance your life like learning to do a video call with your loved ones or paying online for goods and services or learning about cyber security. Learn to use your computer, phone or tablet more efficiently and effectively.

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