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Computer Tips and Tricks

Never stop learning. Keep these neat technology tips and tricks handy.

Tip Try Alt + Tab

How to move through all the opened programs but think you have to minimise all of them to find the one you want.

Try using Alt + Tab. Keep your left thumb down on the Alt Key and then use your left index finger (pointer finger) on the Alt Key keeping the Alt down, then by tapping the Tab key through the the opened programs. Where you let go is where you end up. A lifesaver of time.

How To Change Date From US To Australian

Windows 10 > Type Settings at the bottom left hand side of your screen > Time & Language > Region > change Region, and Regional format.

To Australia, and English (Australia).

Computer Tips and Tricks by The Roving Trainer | Barbara Smith

Did You Know That NRMA Have an App for Roadside Assist?

It is now easier for Members to call for roadside assistance with the release of the NRMA’s new look smartphone app.

When you download the NRMA Roadside Assistance Smartphone App, you will be able to request roadside assistance more quickly and you will even be able to trace the Patrol’s progress once they are on their way.

Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, your smartphone’s GPS will help our Patrol find you and give you an estimated time of arrival.

Better still; the app is not just for road service. With your Membership card details stored in the app, you have instant access to savings and benefits from our More4Members partners. Repco, Snooze and OPSM are just a few of the NRMA’s special partners to offer Members great deals.

The app is free to download on your smartphone. Head to the App Store to download the iPhone app (The app requires iOS 7 or later) or go the Google Play store to download the Android app.

What Is Zoombombing?

“Zoombombing” is when an uninvited person joins a Zoom meeting. This is usually done in an attempt to gain a few cheap laughs at the expense of the participants. Zoombombers often hurl racial slurs or profanity, or share pornography and other offensive imagery.

This issue isn’t necessarily a security flaw. The problem is how people handle public Zoom meeting links. These links are shared thousands of times between clients, friends, colleagues, classmates, and so on. Careless handling of them can result in a Zoom meeting being open to public access. Then, anyone who finds the link can join an in-progress meeting.

Public Zoom meeting links have even reportedly shown up in the results when people search for “” on Google. Anyone who finds such a link can join that meeting.

How To Delete Incorrect Email Addresses In Outlook in the To Field when AutoComplete is Activated

Have you ever found that when you use Outlook and you begin an email and type in the To Field the Autocomplete function tries to guess the address, however sometimes these addresses are old and do not exist in your address book.

This can be quite frustrating so let’s get rid of the unnecessary address.

When the Auto Complete list shows up when you are trying to compose a new Email, use the up or down button on your keyboard to choose (highlight) which Email address you want to delete from the Auto Complete list in this case it is

To remove the Email address that you want to delete just hit the Delete Key on the keyboard and it will delete the highlighted Email address.

To check that it has been deleted from the Auto Complete list, test it out. Happy emailing.

Barbara Smith is your personal computer coach at the Roving Trainer


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