and Learn to Use Your Devices Effectively

Lay the Foundation for Computer Success

Did you know that research shows that most people only use their computers at 20% efficiency? It’s true! There are few personal devices more powerful than a computer, tablet or mobile phone, but without proper training, it can take you up to six times longer to complete some tasks.
The Roving Trainer is here to help. 
Barbara Smith, the Roving Trainer, has a goal to help you maximise your computer efficiency. With instruction available for users at all skill levels, Barbara can tailor her instruction to your needs. Whether you are seeking training for yourself or for your entire staff, the Roving Trainer can help you bring your efficiency and skills to the next level.

Personalised Attention

Barbara intentionally keeps classes small in order to provide students with personal attention. If you are seeking one-on-one training, Barbara can help you there, too. You can even train at your own home or office, at a coffee shop and on your own PC/device.  After all, isn’t that where most of your problems happen?

Best of all, you get everything you need to bring your skills to the next level with the help of the Roving Trainer:

• A professional, focused and caring trainer who has trained over 3000 people in 3 countries
• A course manual you can keep
• A disk with all relevant files

If you want to spend less time arguing with your computer and more time focusing on the actual tasks you need to do, then the Roving Trainer is for you. Contact Barbara today to set up your next training session for yourself or for your whole office!
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