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Personalised Computer Training

Barbara Smith, the Roving Trainer puts an end to your computer frustration


Without proper technological skills, a simple task can take up to six times longer to complete. We help clients understand and manage relevant IT knowledge and allow them to keep their digital skills fresh and agile. 

The Roving Trainer

Hello! I'm Barbara Smith, your friendly computer coach at The Roving Trainer

The Roving Trainer offers Personalised Computer Classes and Technology Training for students from beginners to advanced users.

Our aim is to improve your technology skills so you are more productive at work, able to find a better job or just improve your lifestyle as a whole without getting frustrated with your computer and mobile devices.

And Yes, you get a reference manual with the training :)

Jenelle Bate

Ana Mandara, Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Congratulations Barb on being nominated for the Business Awards. You so deserve to win this. You are the best Computer Tutor ever. You have helped me out countless times and truly don't know what I would have done without you.

Sally Halcrow, Office Manager at Luken & May

I found Barbra to be extremely approachable with any question I needed to ask during the course. She had ample amount of knowledge and is very thorough. I found the manual easy to understand.
A tool that will help me grow my skills from now on. I enjoyed my lessons and look forward to more. 

Col Imer, Sensible Sales Solutions

Barbara unravelled the mystery of all Microsoft programs, smart phones and all matters involving transfer of electronic data. Her relaxed teaching style gave me confidence. Now I can download music, use excel spreadsheet, word, download photos, attend to printer malfunctions and more!
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